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The Gear
Camera Gear

The cameras used by MGTV20 are a DJI Osmo, Canon 70D, Sony Prosumer with XLR inputs, Hero4 GoPro and a Kodak SP360 camera. Not pictured is an iPad Air with a Padcaster enclosure for livestreams to FaceBook.

Camera Accessories

Some of the more prominent accessories used are an Audio-Technica wireless microphone kit which includes 2 lavalier mics and a handheld, a Blue Yeti USB mic for voiceovers, a fluid head Manfrotto tripod, teleprompter and adjustable LED studio lights and stands.

Board Room Equipment

The Town of Mooresville Board Room is equipped with a Vaddiovideo switcher, 3 PTZ Vaddio IP Cameras and Blackmagic equipment including a MultiView display. Not pictured is a HDMI capture card used in conjunction with OBS to capture live audio and video that is fed to YouTube during meetings.