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Welcome to Mooresville Government TV

MGTV20 recognizes the importance of communicating directly with the public about programs and services that add value to your health, safety, neighborhood and quality of life for the residents and community. This commitment to proactive communication supports our standards for stewardship and transparency.

This site will house all videos produced by MGTV staff and used as an alternate distrubtion point to educate, communicate and reach out to citizens, businesses and visitors. MGTV20 is available on the following cable channels; Continuum Channel 20 if you have a digital box, on Channel 9.2 if you have basic cable and a digital TV, the municipality owned cable provider for the Town.

MGTV20 is funded through the NC Video Programming Tax Distrubtion. Through this State Franchise Structure we receive a quarterly distribution of approximately $8000 for the Government (PEG) channel.

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