The Town of Mooresville Parks and Recreation Department is proud to submit this self-assessment report for review and consideration by the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA). The completion of this document is a result of tireless efforts from employees of the Parks and Recreation Department as well as many other Departments of the Town.

If approved for agency accreditation, the Parks and Recreation Department will proudly carry the Town's third accreditation seal, joining the Town's Police and Fire Rescue Departments. Everyone from the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, to the Manager's Office, to the Mayor and Board of Commissioners has firmly supported this arduous but inspiring process. They recognize the benefits associated with examining all aspects of an organization, and the importance of validation by a respected board of fellow professionals.

From gathering information and writing procedures, to analyzing data and revising policies, each team member has contributed and gained knowledge beyond their area of responsibility. This shared experience translated into professional development and the strengthening of the team. The department is better today because of the CAPRA accreditation process.

This self-assessment highlights not only the commitment of the Parks and Recreation Department to consistently improve programs, services and facilities to Town residents, but it also illustrates the role other departments play in maintaining and delivering an impactful, community parks and recreation program. It takes a committed effort from everyone to make Mooresville the thriving, vibrant community that it is.